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Isaksen Scale Models is a family-owned business with over 36 years experience focusing on yacht scale models. Our models range from building prototype interior rooms that display all furniture and details, to finished detailed exterior models showing all shapes, equipment and features. Our craft brings these models to life. From scale mega-yacht to tank test models, the quality and craftsmanship is nothing short of excellence.

Owners, Gary and Heidi Isaksen

The Process

Auto Cad Drawings

Models are created from Cad Drawings and/or 3D Files provided by the manufacturers/designers using an array of computer numerically controlled (CNC) mapping, 3D Prototype machinery and laser cutting machines to create the prototype scale model.

Precision Cutting

Precision laser cutting machines guarantees the highest precision in the fit and finish of wood decks, furniture and other details.


Each model is finished using marine paints matched to the exact colors as the original yacht and is completed with a perfectly produced name on the transom, logo and even the yacht club burgee.

Tank Testing

Tank testing is a critical step in the design and development of replica yacht models. It involves subjecting the model to controlled tests in specialized water tanks to assess its hydrodynamic performance and validate the design before the actual yacht is constructed. 

We Meet Your Needs.

What Sets Us Apart
It's our mission to meet your needs no matter the circumstance. That's why Isaksen excels in all maritime model needs. We deliver scale models all over the world through the safety of a private shipping company. 
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we would love to connect with you!


We realize every client is unique. Building replica yachts is a delicate balance of high technology, old-time craftsmanship, an artistic eye, and many hours of intentional care.
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